N-BIPS Bicêtre Hospital

The N-BIPS platforms at Bicêtre Hospital provide the expertise and equipment necessary to study the molecular mechanisms underlying diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems as well as to develop innovative treatments.
CLEM microscopy (CryoCapCell company, partner of U1195, located in its premises, M. Belle, X Heiligenstein): This platform offers methodologies, equipment and expertise to carry out multimodal imaging analyses, with a particular focus on CLEM correlative microscopy, which combines photonic and electron microscopies.

AAV vectors for gene therapy (Pr P. Bougnères, Yasemin Gunes): This platform proposes the engineering of AAV vectors for gene therapy studies targeting glial or neuronal cells. The platform designs the structure of plasmids with original tissue-specific therapeutic cassettes and validates them in cultured cells (HEK293 or lines of other origin).

siRNA nanoparticles (L. Massade): This platform is dedicated to the design and development of therapeutic siRNAs, targeting the peripheral nervous system and cancer cells.

Super-resolution microscopy (Christian Specht): This platform provides super-resolution microscopy equipment (dSTORM and PALM), allowing the study of various axon pathologies through the detection and quantification of single molecules with nanometer precision, as well as their spatio-temporal tracking in living cells.

Tandem mass spectrometry coupled to gas chromatography
(P. Lière): Specialised in the analysis of neurosteroids, this platform allows the characterisation of the whole steroidome, from central and peripheral nervous system tissues as well as biological fluids from human and animal models.

Zebrafish Imaging and Mutagenesis Platform
(M. Tawk): This platform is dedicated to aquaculture services using zebrafish as a model organism, generation of transgenic lines and mutants using the CRISPR/Cas9 technique, and imaging of zebrafish embryos.