Objectives : research and services

NeurATRIS is a research infrastructure intended to accelerate the transformation of basic research discoveries into medical innovations for the treatment of nervous system diseases.

NeurATRIS benefits from a unique positionning
All research work carried out by NeurATRIS focuses on Parkinson's, Huntington's, Alzheimer's diseases and Multiple Sclerosis as well as neurodevelopmental disorders.
NeurATRIS’ objectives are mutiple :
  • To accelerate the understanding of pathophysiological mechanisms in the adult or developing brain,
  • To facilitate the realisation of pre-clinical and clinical trials in order to validate new therapies,
  • To develop innovative approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of these pathologies.

NeurATRIS combines two additional approaches :

1- Research for innovation
This first approach aims to strengthen fundamental research by innovation, through 4 major research programmes initiated and carried out by the NeurATRIS partner teams:
  • Cellular therapies,
  • Gene therapies,
  • In vivo assessment and therapeutic efficacy
  • Drug therapies

The objectives of this approach are to :
  • identify the scientific and technical difficulties in translational research, in neuroscience and in neurology and design projects to overcome them.
  • develop innovative translational research methods, develop and make available predictive and relevant cellular and animal models, and propose new effective therapeutic approaches.

2- A complete offer of services for collaborative research
NeurATRIS also proposes a complete range of services and/or collaboration for the realisation of external projects dedicated to the development of technologies and their applications in the diagnosis and care of neurological neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases.

Thanks to a one-stop shop, NeurATRIS proposes an easier access to high-technology platforms by offering to public and private actors (academic researchers, biotech, pharmaceutical, industrial, clinicians). The whole consortium's preclinical and clinical facilities offer a complete and powerful range of services covering the entire value chain of translational research in neuroscience.