In vitro

  • Primary cell cultures of neurons with / without astrocytes infected with AAV or LV vectors coding mutated proteins implicated in the pathology
  • Cortical neurons treated with PDC (glutamate transport inhibitor): chronic excitotoxicity model - Follow up of compounds modulating NMDA receptors
  • NGF deprived septal cholinergic neurons: model for neurotrophic compounds
  • Microfluidic compartmentalized neuron cultures: soma is in one compartment and axon in the another one, both compartments being connected to enable amyloid peptide treatment in each compartment
Aggregation, propagation in each compartment, cell survival

Cell survival, morphological changes, protein measurement, etc.


  • Transgenic mouse models to study factors/drugs targeting amyloidosis (APP/PS1?E9, 3xTg, huAPP)
  • Tauopathies (Rat): lentiviral / AAV – Tau or P301L or Tau fused to a pro-aggregating peptide
  • AAV- hAPP + AAV-hPS1 (mouse and rat)
Neuropathological evaluation; 3D histology to evaluate local changes statistically; Local glucose consumption; Brain morphometry using high resolution MRI; Amyloid Plaques by Gadolinium-Stained MRI; Perfusion measurement by MRI and resting state fMRI measures; Behavioral changes; etc.

Aß40, Aß42 and Tau quantification, cognitive function (open field, Morris water maze), LTP, etc.
Non-human Primates
  • Parenchymal inoculation of Alzheimer human brain in Microcebus murinus
  • Tauopathies (Macaques): lentiviral or AAV vectors over-expressing different species of tau proteins (WT, P301L, wild-fused to a pro-aggregating peptide)
Tau, Amyloid, Neuroinflammation and glucose metabolism, PET imaging, MRI, MR spectroscopy, histology, motor and cognitive behavior, etc.


  • Clinical investigation Center (Phase I and II), Biological resource center, stratified cohorts of patients
Imagerie par résonance magnétique (IRM), électroencéphalogramme (EEG) haute densité, phénotypage neurologique, neuropsychologique et comportemental, phénotypage immunitaire (FACS), génotypage. 
A comprehensive overview of our offer in the field of Alzheimer's disease:
  • Basic Research

    Cellular models
    In-vitro co-culture systems (primary cell cultures)

    Rat/mouse primary cell cultures of neurons/astrocytes/ or mixed cultures exposed to various mutated proteins implicated in the pathology and delivered either as recombinant proteins or following overexpression through viral vector infection.

    Analyzing Tools

    • Videomicroscopy
    • Flux cytometrye
    • Biochemistry
    • Functional analyses using radioactivity.

  • Preclinical Research
  • Clinical Research