Henri Mondor Hospital / UPEC

The Henri Mondor Hospital platforms are dedicated to conducting clinical trials and storing biological samples for medical research.

Henri Mondor Clinical Research Unit (URC Mondor): The URC Mondor provides assistance to investigators in all aspects of their projects: setting up, monitoring and quality control of clinical trials, sponsor/investigator interface, definition and development of biostatistical methodologies for clinical studies, drafting of statistical analysis plans, interpretation/analysis of clinical study results.

Henri Mondor Biological Resources Platform: This platform of the hospital's Biology-Pathology division is specialised in the medium- and long-term storage of biological samples for medical research.

Neurology Research Centre (CeReNe): within the neurology department of the Henri-Mondor Hospital, the Neurology Research Centre is dedicated to conducting clinical trials from phase 1. It works in close collaboration with the Henri Mondor Clinical Investigation Centre, which provides logistical and technical support for the design and implementation of protocols.

The UPEC's platforms : Several biological platforms are available at the Mondor Institute of Biomedical Research.

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