[Training] Webinar series on Quality and Reproducibility issues

EATRIS is running a series of webinars in the fall of this year, looking at reproducibility issues experienced during specific phases of the drug development pipeline (screening, preclinical models, biomarker development & analytical platforms, clinical validation). These webinars are developed in close collaboration with other Research Infrastructures (EU-OPENSCREEN, INFRAFRONTIER, BBMRI, ECRIN) and initiatives such as Translation Together.

The webinars will be brought to you by experts in the field and include an audience Q&A session during which attendees can ask questions at the end of the lecture. All webinars will be recorded and available for later viewing.

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The Relevance of Reproducibility for Drug Development: An Introduction
by Anton Ussi (EATRIS),Leonard Freedman (Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research) and Andreas Scherer (FIMM)

SESSION 2: NOVEMBER 19th  – 15:00 CET

Quality in high-throughput screening
by Matthew Hall (NIH NCATS) and Wolfgang Fecke (EU-OPENSCREEN)

SESSION 3: DECEMBER 13th – 14:00 CET

Reproducibility in preclinical and animal experimentation
by Björn Gerlach (PAASP) and Michael Raess (INFRAFRONTIER)

SESSION 4: DECEMBER 17th – 14:00 CET  

Preanalytical validation and quality systems in biobanking

by Monica Marchese (IBBL) and Andrea Wutte (BBMRI-ERIC) 

SESSION 5:  JANUARY 14th - 15:00 CET

Technology Platform reproducibility
by Weida Tong (NCTR/FDA) and Marian Hajduch (IMTM) 

SESSION 6: FEBRUARY 18th – 14:00 CET

Quality and reproducibility issues related to clinical development
by Christine Toneatti (ECRIN)