Medical Infrastructure-Users Forum 2018


Medical Infrastructure-Users Forum 2018
Lun, 15. octobre 2018


Medical Infrastructure-Users Forum

Paris, October 15th, 2018

Meeting venue: Institut de Cardiologie, Hôpital Pitié-Salpêtrière (TBC) 


The CORBEL Medical Infrastructure/ Users Forum (MIUF, WP3.1) is designed to promote close collaboration, at the pan-EU level, between medical research communities, funding bodies, and medical research infrastructures. In particular, its mission consists of promoting the establishment of pan-European scientific communities, providing the scientific content and access to patients;  clearly defining the respective roles of infrastructures vs. scientific communities, avoiding gaps, overlaps and fragmentation ; capturing the needs of the scientific communities and of the funders in terms of infrastructure services ; and of ensuring the appropriate development and deployment of these services by one or multiple research infrastructures.

The October 2018 MIUF meeting is intended to discuss

-          the structuring of medical research communities at the pan-European level

-          the emerging needs of medical research projects in the context of the big data and personalised / stratified medicine approach

-          and the challenges raised in terms of development and deployment of data services