Workshop MBI-PET


Workshop MBI-PET
Lun, 16. juillet 2018 - Mer, 18. juillet 2018


The Workshop "Multi-scale biomarker integration: untangling brain-PET in neurodegenerative disease" (MBI-PET) will take place at the SHFJ in Orsay, France, on July 16-18, 2018.


The aim of the workshop is to build an action plan to tackle challenges related to the modelling of (radio)tracers that target complex bio-marker systems in the brain such as protein aggregates, or ubiquitous receptors such as TSPO in PET. To do this, we will gather experts in the fields of biology, physiology, multi-modality kinetic modelling, quantification and systems biology in order to discuss ways of extending beyond the current framework of PET compartmental modelling. Discussions will focus on including additional information from various sources to analyse PET data so that it becomes a component of an integrative model of biological function and dysfunction. 
Imaging and modelling experts as well as experts in different aspects of the biological functions under analysis will be invited to bring their perspective to discuss:
(i) How integrating information to PET data can help improve methods and protocols, and 
(ii) How multi-modal imaging used in preclinical and clinical research can contribute to creating larger scale biological models that will help understand neurological and neuro-pathological mechanisms.

To focus the workshop, we will use an example disease, where there are multiple imaging datasets available (both preclinical and clinical), as well as multiple tracers for PET and a strong MRI component. For this case, we suggest that the application is neurodegeneration, however the focus of the workshop is not on the disease but rather on the methodologies for combining the data and figuring out the tools and techniques required to elucidate the pathological processes and mechanisms underlying diseases, starting from the results of the PET imaging.

This workshop, if successful, could be the first of a series to explore different targets and in different diseases using multi-modal imaging and in vitro and ex vivo information.


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Sponsored by:

IMIV - Inserm
PMOD Limited LLC

Organising committee:
Catriona Wimberley (catriona.wimberley[at], Unité Imagerie Moléculaire In Vivo UMR 1023 Inserm/CEA/Université Paris Sud, ERL 9218 CNRS, France
Sonia Lavisse (sonia.lavisse[at], UMR9199 Laboratoire des maladies neurodégénératives, MIRCen/CEA, France
Irène Buvat (irene.buvat[at], Unité Imagerie Moléculaire In Vivo UMR 1023 Inserm/CEA/Université Paris Sud, ERL 9218 CNRS, France
Marie Claude Grégoire (mcg[at], Human Health research group ANSTO, Australia