Live with Parkinson's disease

New book is for PD patients, their families, but also the general public, containing medical and scientific reminders released last month in bookstores! Dr Bashir Jarraya researcher NeuroSpin @CEA Saclay, neurosurgeon at the Foch Hospital and University Professor at Versailles is co-author with Dr. Hausser-Hauw and Dr. Bourdain of Foch Hospital.


Parkinson's disease ? "A little old bent, walking hurt and trembling hands": this is how we imagine most often. For one who learns that he has it, especially if he is young (10% of people under 50 years), the diagnosis is a terrible ordeal. How to live with a neurodegenerative disease gradually movements and intellectual faculties, and therefore the relationship with the surrounding world?


Through the diary of a patient demonstrating uncompromising of his daily, this book shows that nothing is yet lost cause: the evolution of the disease is often slow, it may be marked by long remissions. Each symptom is here first described the patient's point of view and from that of a neurologist who explains the events and exhibits treatments, treatments evolving and increasingly effective because research is very active.