UMR 1141 and UMR 1129

The Inserm - Paris VII University UMR 1141
has been involved for over 20 years in basic and applied research on diseases related to brain development. This unit has developed several new concepts for the understanding of the pathophysiology of neonatal brain injury and is now working on improving therapeutic strategies to treat these lesions.

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The Inserm – Paris V University UMR 1129 is working since 2005 in the field of clinical research for epilepsy in children, with great advances in the understanding of severe and disabling types of this disease and its treatments. This team has gained considerable expertise in several areas: the design and undertaking of clinical trials dedicated to epilepsy in children, ethical issues related to pediatric clinical trials and the adaptation of innovative approaches to develop new drugs for small populations of children suffering from rare forms of epilepsy, commonly regarded as orphan drugs. Such multidisciplinary approach can be adapted to other disorders of the central nervous system in children, such as neonatal brain lesions.

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