Groupe hospitalier Henri Mondor- Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC)


The Groupe Hospitalier Henri Mondor- UPEC lead by Prof. Bachoud-Lévi and Prof. Remy is dedicated to translational research for patients with neurodegenerative diseases, including Huntington (HD) and Parkinson (PD) diseases.

The node's activity mainly concerns:

1) the implementation of the clinical phases of biotherapy programs;

2) the development of new tools for assessing therapeutic strategies in a cost-effective and efficient manner;

3) the identification of (bio)markers to model disease progression and define enrichment strategies in future therapeutic trials.


Assistance Publique– Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) is the largest institution for care and hospitalisations in France. As the first University Hospital in France and largest producer of scientific publications, AP-HP does research to continually improve care and develops new treatments.

Within AP-HP, Pr A.C. Bachoud-Lévi heads the department of neurology of the hospital Henri Mondor, which includes the National Centre of Reference for HD, and four Resource Centres: PD, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis and neuromuscular diseases, in addition to general neurology.

More than 600 HD patients and 1000 PD patients are followed up annually in the neurology department, which benefits from the support of:

- a Clinical Investigation Center ;

- a technical platform for neurophysiological exploration and brain imaging ;

- a Biological Resource Center with more than 40,000 HD biological samples  ;

- a Clinical Research Unit for the regulatory monitoring of clinical studies and their statistical analysis.


Pr A.C. Bachoud-Lévi (MD, PhD) (h index = 49, August 2021) heads the neurology department at Henri Mondor hospital, coordinates the French National Reference Centre for HD (CRMR DGOS), the “Plateforme Maladies Rares Grand Paris Est” (DGOS 2019) and co-coordinates the chorea working group of the European Network for Rare Neurological Diseases.

Pr. Bachoud-Lévi has extensive experience in clinical trials: e.g. she coordinates for France the Phase 3 HD gene-silencing clinical trial (Roche, NCT03761849), led the international Multicentric intra-Cerebral Grafting trial in HD (NCT00190450). She participates to the worldwide platform for HD “Enroll”.

Pr. Bachoud-Lévi also heads the “Interventional Neuropsychology” team (INSERM U955 E01) hosted both at the Institute Mondor of Biomedical Research (UPEC) and at the EUR Front Cog (Ecole normale supérieure).


Pr P. Remy (MD, PhD) (h index = 47, August 2021) is a full professor of neurology at UPEC. He heads the expert center for PD at Henri Mondor hospital, which is part of the national NS-Park network ( dedicated to therapeutic research projects at the French national level. Pr. Remy has strong expertise in clinical trials and functional imaging.


Dr. L. Cleret de Langavant (MD, PhD) (h index = 15, August 2021) is an assistant professor of neurology at UPEC and a neurologist at Henri Mondor hospital. He has made many contributions in social cognition and now develops models with machine learning technics in order to predict the occurrence of dementia, in collaboration with University of California, San Francisco.


Dr. C. Jacquemot (PhD) (h index = 11, August 2021) is a senior researcher. She is an expert in language processing in healthy individuals but also in patients with neurodegenerative diseases. She develops brief speech assessment tasks for the follow-up of patients and works on the interaction between language and other cognitive functions, allowing to use speech as a polymarker.


Dr. R. Massart (PhD, MBA) (h index = 20, August 2021) has extensive experience in fundamental and translational research. He supervises scientific projects (setting up, fundraising, planning, progress monitoring, public-private partnership negotiation) for the evaluation and implementation of new therapeutic strategies.


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