NeurATRIS, translational research infrastructure for innovative therapies in Neuroscience 

In Ile-de-France, the cradle of neurology, the largest concentration

of researchers and clinicians in neurology in Europe

2,000 researchers, clinicians, engineers, technicians, doctoral students, post-docs 
7000 publications
22 state of the art platforms
Over 30 internationally recognized KOLs
50 Clinical trials
80 patents
70 national projects in progress

60 international projects in progress

Unique in Europe

NeurATRIS is a research infrastructure conceived to accelerate the translation of discoveries in basic research into medical innovations for the treatment of diseases of the nervous system.

Based on scientific excellence in neuroscience and neurology

NeurATRIS brings together the biggest French teams of experts such as 7 hospitals and public research institutes whose expertise and skills in neuroimaging, pharmacology and biotherapies are complementary and internationally recognized:

Easy access 

Organized as a one-stop network to co-ordinate, at national level, research activities and technological developments serving the scientific and industrial community, NeurATRIS simplifies the access and the use of existing platforms and facilitates the participation of French players in European initiatives while improving the attractiveness and visibility of France in the field of translational neuroscience research. 


Unique positioning

All work carried out by NeurATRIS targets Parkinson's, Huntington's, Alzheimer's diseases and multiple sclerosis as well as neurodevelopmental disorders. It aims to accelerate the understanding of both biological and pathophysiological mechanisms and the development of the nervous system, to facilitate the completion of pre-clinical and clinical trials, to validate new therapies and more generally, to develop innovative approaches for the diagnosis and treatment of these pathologies.


Two complementary approaches:

Research for Innovation

Conceived to strengthen innovative basic research through 4 major research programs initiated and carried out by NeurATRIS teams: gene therapy, cell therapy, molecular therapies, in vivo assessment of disease processes and therapeutic efficacy.


• Identify the scientific and technical bottlenecks in translational research in neuroscience and neurology and undertake projects designed to overcome them.

• Develop innovative translational research methods, predictive and relevant cellular and animal models (making them available), and propose new effective therapeutic approaches.


A broad offer for collaborative research

NeurATRIS also proposes a broad offer for the realization of external projects dedicated to the development of technologies and their applications in the diagnosis and care of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases. NeurATRIS proposes an immediate and easy access to high-technology platforms by offering to public and private actors (academic researchers, biotech, pharmaceutical, industrial, clinicians) thanks to a one-stop shop. The preclinical and clinical facilities of the consortium provide a complete and powerful range of technologies and expertise covering the entire value chain of translational research in neuroscience.

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NeurATRIS is the French component of the European infrastructure EATRIS-ERIC;
it is also the only EATRIS infrastructure proposing a structured offer specialized in
neuroscience and neurology, allowing France to position itself as a major player
in this field at international and European levels.


NeurATRIS counts with 31.3 million over 13 years in the context of the 2012 "Programme Investissements d’Avenir" for the period 2012-2024.